Mercedes Servicing with Digital Service Booklet (DSB) updates

Padfield Garage Ltd are a Mercedes registered garage, approved to service all models of Mercedes Benz, and are capable of updating your Digital Service Booklet (DSB) after you have had your car serviced from our Garage.

The Mercedes Digital Service Booklet (DSB) was introduced as a more secure way to document servicing and car maintenance work carried out on your vehicle. The Digital Service Book clearly lists all car-servicing jobs carried out on your Mercedes Benz, and therefore replaces the need for a printed service manual (although we are still happy to stamp your book if you have one)

The Mercedes Digital Service Booklet was introduced in 2008 for all Mercedes-Benz PC model series and is also available for Mercedes Vans from October 2012 onwards.

For further information about having your Mercedes serviced at Padfield Garage Ltd and updating your DSB thereafter

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